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In 1925 Helen Keller addressed the Lions at an International Convention and challenged them to take up the battle to eradicate blindness and become “Knights of the Blind” For 75 years, The Guelph Lions Club have taken up the challenge and have become " Knights for the Blind "in the city of Guelph.  The Guelph Lions Club:

  1. Provide prescription eye glasses, in cooperation with LensCrafters, to those in Guelph with financial needs. 60 pairs of glasses are donated each year
  2. Vision screen all kindergarten children in the Guelph schools. Over 2000 students are screened every year.
  3. Support the Guelph General Hospital to provide leading edge eye care with the latest in technology such as a cataract microscope installed in 2018.
  4. Annually, support the training of guide and service dogs at the Lions Foundation Canada in Oakville, Ontario
  5. In partnership with CNIB, assist with the purchase of specialized equipment specifically designed to meet the needs of blind and partially sighted persons in Guelph.
  6. Provide Braille books for the CNIB to lend to blind children and parents in the Guelph area
  7. A major financial commitment to the University of Guelph to make its campus and facilities fully and independently accessible to blind students, staff and visitors.
  8. The Guelph Lions Club with the CNIB have directly supported blind and partially sighted residents of Guelph with the purchase of magnifying glasses, talking book playback machines and other specialized technology such as smart phones with specific applications to assist with reading and navigation throughout their community.

If you have any questions or want more information about the Guelph Lions Club please contact us at info@guelphlionsclub.org  or 519-341-3575

Below is a picture of a Daisy Reader and a digital magnifier

Daisy Reader and Digital Magnifier